“Batman: Endgame” Storyline Starts This October!

The entire line of Batman comics, no matter what genre they may fall under, are beginning to go through a huge change or “renaissance” as writer Scott Snyder likes to call it. The biggest change, however, that we have heard about is the upcoming six-issue storyline called “Batman: Endgame” this October. After the end of “Batman: Zero Year”, which will conclude in issue #33, the story will jump back to the present and stay closely tied to the “Batman Eternal” story. In fact, starting with issue #34, the Batman story will take place directly after the events of “Batman Eternal”.

Scott Snyder believes that starting the series anew from this point in the continuity will indeed raise questions as to what is going on in the Batman world, but will more than likely encourage people to go and read “Batman Eternal” to learn how all these new things came to be. Alongside the main “Endgame” story, Snyder will co-write smaller back-up and tie-in stories with James Tynion IV and the artist will change each month. These stories are meant to “fill in the pieces and give you different interpretations of what’s happening in the main story”, says Snyder.

“Batman” #34 will be its own standalone issue with “Batman: Endgame” beginning with issue #35 in October as well as all the side stories with James Tynion IV beginning at the same time.

Source: Newsrama

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