DC Comics Announces New Creative Team Behind “Catwoman”!

The new creative team behind “Catwoman” will make their first debut with the series with “Catwoman” #35. The new writer Genevieve Valentine, joined by artist Garry Brown, promise to bring out a new look on Catwoman that we all have never seen before. After the events that happened during “Batman Eternal”, our beloved Selina Kyle discovers some very interesting things about herself: “…she’s part of a legacy she never knew before, and heir to the family business”, says Valentine in an interview. That business being head of crime family in Gotham City and dealing with a power struggle within herself to stay on top.

Of course with her now acting in these manners in Gotham City, it is no doubt that she will attract the attention of the Dark Knight. Valentine believes that Catwoman and Batman’s connection is unbreakable and with the new events that she has planned out things will definitely change in Gotham.

“Catwoman” #35 is set to release on October 22!

Source: DC Comics, io9

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