Brandon Routh Cast As The Atom On “Arrow”!

2302414-471px_ray_palmer_005Brandon Routh, star of 2006’s film “Superman Returns”, is soon to return to the DC Universe but this time, he will not be clad in the same red and blue spandex. Instead he will wear the red and blue costume of one such superhero Ray Palmer a.k.a. The Atom! Ray Palmer is an esteemed scientist and inventor who will appear in the upcoming season three of “Arrow” and is slated to be coming into the world of Arrow as the new owner of Queen Consolidated and maybe even a new paramour for the lovely Felicity Smoak.

“Arrow” will be The Atom’s first appearance in a live-action setting although he has been in many other animated productions and is a very pivotal figure in the comic book world. Brandon Routh has also had several other noteworthy roles such as Todd Ingram, the third evil-ex from “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” and many other roles.

“Arrow” season three is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, October 8 and as the cast of characters to come expands so does my anxiety and excitement for this new season and I’m sure all of you out there feel the same!

Source: Comic Book Resources

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