Interview Part 2: Robert Venditti and Van Jensen Keep us up to Speed with The Flash

Flash Annual #3 by Brett Booth

Flash Annual #3 by Brett Booth

Hey guys! we are back with Part 2 of our interview with Robert Venditti (Current writer of GREEN LANTERN and co-writer of THE FLASH) and Van Jensen (current writer of GREEN LANTERN CORPS and co-writer of THE FLASH.) This time we tackle The Flash as they both start the new run on the series:

COMICSREFUELED: Congrats on your run on Flash, it is amazing. Can you please tell us how it feels taking over Manapul and Buccellato? And how you plan to make this series your own?

The Flash #30

The Flash #30

VAN: We just got to hang out with Francis and talk about the series, both looking back at their run and what we have planned. It’s obviously a great book with amazing art, and so it’s definitely a tough act to follow. But Francis and Brian created so many great elements that there’s lots of threads for us to pick up and explore. As far as putting our stamp on it, we’re focusing more on the crime lab side of Barry Allen’s life, which lends itself to some great investigative stories.

COMICSREFUELED: We see that The Flash is losing time? What is affecting him? Is it his need to save everyone taking a toll on his powers?

ROBERT: That’s the central mystery of our first arc. The Speed Force has begun to malfunction, so whenever Flash runs at super-speed, he loses time. In a way, the more he uses his powers, the more the world passes him by—often with disastrous results. The cause of this will all be explained very soon.

COMICSREFUELED: We’ll wait and see, Wally is back! What was needed to establish this new/old character?

ROBERT: There were a few things we considered. Obviously, we looked at the long and storied history of Wally West. We also looked at the conditions during which he was going to be introduced to the series, important among them the recent toll “Forever Evil” had on the DCU and Central City in particular. Then we combined those elements into a character who’ll not only add a new relationship to the series, but also impact Barry Allen in a way no other character does. Wally is a permanent member of the cast, and readers will see that he’ll affect Barry just as much as Barry affects him.

COMICSREFUELED: In the Futures End tie-in, we see Wally as the Flash. Is this a result of Barry saving him? and what went into the costume design and colors? Is there any significance there?

Futures End: The Flash #1

Futures End: The Flash #1

VAN: We don’t want to spoil the story of that issue. As for the costume, that was a conversation we had with our editors and Brett Booth, inker Norm Rapmund and colorist Andrew Dalhouse. The art team did a great job on that design, creating something that’s clearly a Flash costume but iconic in its own right. And the color definitely is important, just as it was in the great design of the Future Flash costume.

COMICSREFUELED: Future Flash has been through some hell, What contributes to Flash becoming like this? Was not saving Wally the start of a lot of misfortunes?

VAN: That’s one of the mysteries of this first arc. What happened that corrupted the incorruptible Barry Allen? Definitely, Wally’s death (five years in the future) was a key component of that. We’ll be exploring this a lot more in the issues ahead.

ROBERT: Everyone has a breaking point, even a true hero’s hero like Barry Allen. Most of us will happily live our entire lives never being pushed to the point of fracture. Barry isn’t so lucky.

FAN QUESTION: After the future arc is over, is the blue suit staying behind?

ROBERT​: Hmmm. Wish we’d thought of that . . .

Alright guys! There you have it. Robert and Van have big plans for Barry and Wally in store. Make sure to read their first arc as things are heating up quickly. The collusion between Flash and Future Flash is coming soon. Thanks for reading!


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