Hanging with Valiant: X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast Event

x-o green

Images Courtesy of Valiant Comics & Clayton Henry

Valiant had announced their team up with Oren’s Daily Roast and Midtown Comics for a 3 months long celebratory promotion. Today marks the start of their promotion: The X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast! It is a deliciously cold combination of frozen matcha green tea and vanilla that is not too sweet giving it a tasty refreshing balance. Find your nearest Oren’s Daily Roast to try it today! The drink is named after the Valiant flagship character X-O Manowar. CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani was asked why green tea? he responded “It is the color of X-O’s blast hence the Green Tea Blast name” Along with the purchase of any Oren’s coffee or tea drink, you will receive a Valiant-branded java jacket redeemable at any of Midtown Comics store.


X-O Coffee Jacket. Image Courtesy of Valiant Comics

The jacket can be redeemed for a FREE VALIANT COMICOnce you receive your free comic or have a Valiant comic, you can return to an Oren’s Daily Roast and show them your comic for a 10% off your next Oren’s purchase. A great way for Valiant to create awareness for their comic line.


Green Tea Blast Sampler: Refreshing!

We were invited to the X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast Launch Event at the Oren’s Flagship store at Times Square. The Green Tea Blast was delicious and refreshing which is perfect for these summer days ahead. Of course I was afraid that it will blast my head off as it often does in X-O Manowar but instead it provided the cool down I needed. The event provided a great opportunity to get to know Valiant he whats they had to say about a few things:

CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani talks about publishing: “We publish 9 comics a month and we do that because we want to provide great quality each time over quantity. It is a very close family”

Editor of Archer and Armstrong Joshua Ryan Johns on the future of Archer and Armstrong: “It was a miscommunication, Fred Van Lente is not ending the series just the first volume. He is going to wrap up volume 1 and transition to The Delinquents which is the continue adventures of Archer and Armstrong after volume 1. This all leads to a bigger event for the series that will be big in the future

Writer of Armor Hunters and X-Files (IDW) Joe Harris on Bloodshot and his involvement in the Armor Hunters crossover: “Bloodshot is indomitable, lost, and focus. He is the guy you go to get the job done.He can take everything thrown at him and his healing factor will kick in. The Armor Hunters don’t get involve with him, he involves himself. He joins the Unity team in Unity #8 (Out Next Week) and he is their hard hitter”

Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Media Hunter Gorinson on Special Edition NYC: “Come by the Valiant Comics panel on Sunday 11 AM. There are going to be a few exciting new announcements”

The event was informative and fun. A special thanks to Valiant for inviting us and providing some awesome goodies. A good time to read Valiant Comics if you want to know where to start here is a quick personal recommendation: For humor: Archer and Armstrong & Quantum and WoodyFor more action focus: X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, & UnityThere are many other titles they provide, so check it out and find the one for you while trying the Green Tea Blast at Oren’s.

Complementary goodies!

Complementary goodies!

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