Join The Armor Hunters To Stop The X-O MANOWAR Outbreak

unnamedValiant Comics has begun their huge crossover summer event Armor Hunters and it will begin with Armor Hunters #1 which releases today!

Leading this event will be writer Robert Venditti (X-O MANOWAR, Green Lantern) and Doug Braithwaite (Unity, Justice), as they go deeper into the history of the X-O MANOWAR armor and the cruel fate it has on it’s owner. This brings the Armor Hunters into play, as they are trained veterans to handle the threat of the MANOWAR armor and will accomplish their mission by any means necessary. And now the Armor Hunters have set their sights on Aric of Dacia, the X-O MANOWAR of Earth and taking him down might just mean the end of the world!

Starting with Armor Hunters #1, Valiant’s greatest heroes begin their counterattack starting in Unity #8 and X-O MANOWAR #26 this June. Adding to this massive story will be Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1 and Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1 in July, which will feature some of the top talents in comics today!

To even further this big event, Valiant has started an Armor Hunter name generator to bring you a little deeper into the action with different designs, powers and your battle scars. Find out your name and role in the X-O MANOWAR armor hunt by clicking here and share with your friends and family!

Credit: Valiant Comics

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