Marvel Studios finds it’s new ANT-MAN director


Marvel has finally found a new director for “Ant-Man”. Edgar Wright’s abrupt departure put production of the movie on hold temporarily, but now that Peyton Reed and Adam McKay have been brought in the script will go through re-writes and the movie will resume production. Peyton Reed, who has worked on “Bring it On”, “The Fifth Beatle”, and several episodes of “New Girl”, will serve as the main director. Adam McKay, best known for his work on the two “Anchorman” films, will be working on script re-writes.

Director Edgar Wright and writer Joe Cornish left the project due to a disagreement with Marvel Studio’s as proposed re-writes to their script. The details of these re-writes are currently unknown, but if they were drastic enough to make Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish leave the movie then they should be pretty apparent in the final product.

Peyton Reed and Adam McKay were both chosen from several candidates based on their experience working on comedic film projects, and Peyton Reed gained prior experience in adapting comic books into movies when he directed “The Fifth Beatle” (currently in post-production), based on the Image graphic novel of the same name. Adam McKay has experience working on comedies and has even worked with Paul Rudd before on the “Anchorman” films, which will make it easier for the two to work together on this film as well.

“Ant-Man” is slated for release July 17th 2015 and will kick off phase 3 of Marvel’s cinematic universe, assuming the films creative staff doesn’t go through anymore drastic changes and the script re-writes are completed on schedule.

Credit: NewsaramaMarvel

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