Kieron Gillen leaves IRON MAN on a High Note

Iron Man vs. Hulk CoverThe current “Iron Man” series will be ending in June with the finale of Kieron Gillen’s run. Issues of “Iron Man” have not appeared in Marvel’s monthly solicitations past June and there have been no official plans to continue the series after Gillen leaves. Gillen’s run on “Iron Man” will conclude with issue #28, which will wrap up his “Rings of the Mandarin” arc. Gillen has also written an Original Sin tie-in story, “Original Sin: Iron Man vs. Hulk” which will follow a weekly release schedule and begin and end in June.

Kieron Gillen is leaving the book on good terms and according to Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, his runs on both the main “Iron Man” book and his Original Sin tie-in book will end neatly, and the end of his runs will make sense. In an interview with CBR he said this: “When you read the ‘Original Sin’ tie-in story, ‘Hulk vs. Iron Man,’ you’ll see why this was the perfect place to bring Kieron’s run to a close, and why there’s no ‘Iron Man’ title in the August solicits. Kieron is leaving the series on a high note, and on his own terms, pencil sharpened and poised to write another epic story we’ll be talking about soon.” (Axel Alonso, CBR)

Gillen ultimately left the “Iron Man” books to free up time for new projects, and this seemed like a good point in time to leave the series on a high note. One of Gillen’s new projects will be an “enormous opportunity” at Marvel writing a new, currently unnamed book. “The new book Marvel was offering was so utterly irresistible, I knew something had to give — and I realised that I was actually in a good place to bring my run to a conclusion. I realized the ‘Original Sin’ story would be a damn good climax for everything I’ve done, and between all I’ve put in play with the ‘Mandarin War,’ ‘Iron Metropolitan’ and where the ‘Hulk/Iron Man’ story ends up, there’s a mass of toys for the next writer to play with”. Gillen will also be working on a new series called “The Wicked + The Divine” which will be published by Image Comics. The series will debut on June 18.

I personally enjoyed Kieron Gillen’s run on “Iron Man” a lot, and while I’m sad to see the run end I also eagerly await his new mystery Marvel book and his new Image series “The Wicked + The Divine”. While Marvel has yet to announce a new writer for Iron Man and the book has yet to appear in new solicitations, Iron Man is too big and too popular to keep off the shelves. It’s only a matter of time before another writer takes up the Iron Man series or starts another one. Gillen has undeniably changed the Iron Man mythos and it’ll be interesting to see what the next writer does with what Kieron has left over. We wish only the best for Kieron Gillen in his future endeavors, as well as Iron Man who will undoubtedly still play a big role in the Marvel Universe and will most likely get a solo book again.

Credit: CBR

2 thoughts on “Kieron Gillen leaves IRON MAN on a High Note

  1. I didn’t enjoy his run very much. After the Extremis story and Tony going into space I dropped the book.
    Coming from Matt Fractions run I expected more of this.

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