UPDATED: Batman: Arkham Knight…..Delayed?!

arkham knightFor those of you that have been eagerly awaiting the 2014 release of Batman: Arkham Knight, myself included, are unfortunately going to have to wait a little while longer. When I say “little while longer” I mean some time in 2015. Yeah, I’m pretty bummed out too. I was looking forward to traversing the cityscape of Gotham in the Batmobile before the new year came around but that’s not going to happen. Luckily it isn’t all bad, Dax Ginn of Rocksteady studios promises that the only reason for pushing back the game’s release date is to make it even better than what we’ve already had the pleasure of seeing. Ginn says, “…totally awesome takes a lot of time” and I, for one, agree with him one-hundred percent of the way.

In the mean time enjoy the Batmobile: Battle Mode Reveal Trailer

Rocksteady is looking to make Batman: Arkham Knight an epic conclusion in their trilogy of the Arkham games and we don’t know when the next Batman game will be hitting the shelves so for us to be able to enjoy this upcoming title we have to put our faith and patience in the Rocksteady team. They haven’t let us down in the past so there’s no reason we should think any less of them now.

Source: Kotaku, Batman Arkham Youtube


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