Van Jensen and Jose Pimienta explore their Kick Starter with us: The Leg

Hey guys, it’s Chris again bringing you another creator interview. Another Flash writer no less! Writer Van Jensen and artist Jose Pimienta join us today to discuss their Kick Starter graphic novel called THE LEG. A story that takes us back to 1938 Mexico to witness a Leg’s quest for revenge. I have read this story and trust me when I tell you it is a crazy fun and heartfelt story that is told in a rich colorful world. Being of Spanish decent, I am glad that this project exist and is trying to embrace the Spanish culture through my favorite art medium: Comics! Now sit and enjoy Van and Jose introducing us to THE LEG



Chris: Welcome Van and Jose! Van can you tell us what is The Leg?

Van: The Leg is the sentient, disembodied leg of Santa Anna. He was rescued from obscurity by an old cobbler, and when that cobbler is murdered by criminals, the Leg embarks on a journey across Mexico to claim revenge.

Chris: What sparked the creation of The Leg? And how accurate is it to 1938 Mexico?

Van: I heard an anecdote about Santa Anna losing his leg and giving it a big funeral during a history class in college, and for some reason it stuck with me. I did a lot of research to make it as historically grounded as possible, and Jose brought a firsthand knowledge of Mexico and did a lot of research himself. It’s fantastical, sure, but most of the details are accurate.

Leg 2

Leg 2

Chris: You mentioned this being your first comic script and putting it on ice before. Why now? Why was it the right time to bring this story to everyone?

Van: It was meeting Jose that got the ball rolling. I randomly told him about the script, and he read it and asked to draw it. It felt like kismet, so I jumped at the opportunity to see it come to life. We’ve been working at it steadily for a couple of years, and now the book is 100 percent finished. We wanted it to be ready to print before we made it available.

Chris: This is a story of vengeance but it has a light humor to it, how did you accomplished that without dialogue? Was that hard to do?

Van: I didn’t know what I was doing, which is probably for the best! I don’t really know how I pulled it off. Luckily, Jose did an amazing job translating that into art that is easy to follow but also super detailed and emotive. So much of the credit has to go to him. As far as the tone, I just tend to like stuff that has humor as well as a more serious edge, so I wanted to write something similar.

Chris: Jose, What about this project drew you to joining the project?

Jose: I loved the aspect of it being about an inanimate silent main character because I’d get to explore further with my drawing abilities on how to make a character’s acting stronger. The story taking place in Mexico was a huge draw as well, and I liked that it was a journey story, so the scenery would play a mayor part. Last, but not least, I loved the fantasy of the story.

Chris: Were there any challenges that you had to tackle when creating the art to this colorful story?

Jose: Not… too many, I feel. Van wrote a very solid script, but left a lot of room for artistic interpretations. Most of the modifications I made were only on the visual description of the characters or certain things in the background. For the most part, I did my best to be respectful to what Van wrote. If I had an idea, I’d pass it by him, but for the most part…I drew what he wrote the way I saw it.

Chris: Now guys, how was it working with each other?

Van: Jose is just so, so talented. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. This was an incredibly difficult project to draw, and he didn’t just pull it off, he nailed it. I’m so excited to finally get it out in front of readers.

Jose: I can’t think of another word, other than perfect. It was perfect working with Van. He is very respectful and trusting as well as open to the dialogue for any new idea. Whenever there was something to discuss, we’d talk about it via e-mail or Skype, but for the most part, I think the space we gave each other was beneficial. We took our time and now, this book, feels like a match made in heaven to me. I feel proud to have collaborated on this as well as happy to have it ready for the audience.

Chris: You guys are over $9,000 and a few hundred dollars away from your goal, Anything you guys want to add about The Leg?

Van: We just updated our stretch goals, and we only need to hit $12,500 to offer a Spanish-language digital edition. Then if we reach $20,000, we’ll actually offer a Spanish-language print edition. We so, so want to make that happen, and we are so thankful for all support in hitting that goal!

Jose: Just to be ambitious, I guess. I do hope we get to the stretch goal and manage to be able to print it in Spanish as well. Just as well, I do hope we can continue to expose the audience to this wonderful one-of-a-kind story.

There you have it folks! Enrich your life by helping this Kick Starter reach it’s goal. Less than a $1,000 away! If you are interested and you should be, Click HERE to back this project. A spaghetti Western is hard to pass on so don’t delay there is only 11 days left!

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