David Goyer’s She-Hulk Sexist Comments won’t bode well

Today Man of Steel screen writer David Goyer was on the Scriptnote podcast discussing various subjects with host Craig Mazin. One of them was the character known as She-Hulk. A lot of people are aware that she is the Hulk’s cousin but Goyer thinks she is more than that. Here are the words that quickly turned Goyer into the most hated person in the comic book community. Heck among any community. WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE BELOW!:


Craig Mazin: The real name for She-Hulk was Slut-Hulk. That was the whole point. Let’s just make this green chick with enormous boobs. And she’s Hulk strong but not Hulk massive, right? … She’s real lean, stringy…

David S. Goyer: She’s still pretty chunky. She was like Chyna from the WWE. Mazin: The whole point of She-Hulk was just to appeal sexistly to ten-year-old boys. Worked on me. Goyer: I have a theory about She-Hulk. Which was created by a man, right? And at the time in particular I think 95% of comic book readers were men and certainly almost all of the comic book writers were men. So the Hulk was this classic male power fantasy. It’s like, most of the people reading comic books were these people like me who were just these little kids getting the shit kicked out of them every day… And so then they created She-Huk, right? Who was still smart… I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could fuck if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying? … She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it’s like if I’m going to be this geek who becomes the Hulk then let’s create a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could fuck. Credit: The Mary Sue 

As you can see Goyer’s sexist comments and calling She Hulk a Porn Star has caused an uproar on the internet. It is upsetting that he shares these views. See what other creators had to say on twitter:

https://twitter.com/ales_kot/status/469280837066711040 https://twitter.com/benhbailey/status/469215121823526912 https://twitter.com/rob_guillory/status/469208846855340032 Why the hate? She-Hulk is a great character in her own right. Charles Soule and Javier Pulido are doing great stuff with the character. I wonder if Goyer knows that. How will DC Comics and WB Studios react to this? What is your opinion? Sound Off In The Comments! SheHulk3

6 thoughts on “David Goyer’s She-Hulk Sexist Comments won’t bode well

  1. It sounds like he is still thinking it is the early 1990s (when blatant T&A books like Lady Death were all the rage).

      • I doubt that Goyer has read Soule’s work. Goyer is a part of Hollywood and I think Hollywood still assumes that female lead superhero movies won’t sell because Supergirl bombed 30 years ago.

        The big hurdle for a She-Hulk movie would be introducing the character to a wider audience.

      • I agree…and points to you sir for remembering the Supergirl film lol. It is all about caring about the material and presenting it to viewers dynamically. Like Marvel has. Guardians of the Galaxy, was something I would have passed on but Marvel knows how to market it. I am in. It’s sad that Wonder Woman can get on the screen but a cursing talking raccoon can

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