Check Out Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante’s New Kickstarter Project SONS OF THE DEVIL!

ac1131fc675fdbacf3469bdda93cb440_largeBrian Buccellato (The Flash, Detective Comics) has begun a new project called ‘Sons of the Devil’, which will consist of a short film as well as a comic. This new psychological thriller with artwork from Toni Infante, tells the story of Travis, the son of the mass murderer David Daly, who 25 years ago killed 93 people as part of a deal with the Devil. Now in the present, Travis meets his sister Jennifer and find out their father continues his murderous plan. His targets are now Travis’s other siblings. Can Travis and Jennifer put a stop to their father before the deal is complete?.

Buccellato brings his project to Kickstarter in hopes that the fans can bring his idea to life and you can by clicking here.

See what Buccellato has to say about ‘Sons of the Devil’, Infante’s drawings of some of the characters and how you, the fans, can help and support!

Credit: Kickstarter

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