The New 52: Futures End #2 Review

futures end #2 coverWriter: Brian Azzarello/Jeff Lemire/Dan Jurgens/Keith Giffen

Artist: Jesus Merino

Colorist: Hi-Fi

5 years from now Batman Beyond finds himself in the right place at the wrong time, several years too late to stop the creation of Brother Eye. Instead, with the help of his electronic butler A.L.F.R.E.D., he has come to stop the activation of Brother Eye and prevent the future that he came from. All while the superhero community is beginning to split apart at the seams as heroes like Mr. Terrific are turning into impromptu celebrities and the world begins losing faith in their heroes…

The Ups: The main point of this entire issue is the death of Green Arrow and the funeral that follows soon after. All the writers work together to create this tremendous set piece that truly delivers an emotional experience for the reader. The entire premise of the funeral is to convey a true sense of humanity from the heroes who are often depicted as being above and beyond the regular civilians. In addition, the artwork done by Jesus Merino is a truly dynamic part of the comic. The writing goes hand in hand with the pencil work to further influence the troubled tone in the story.

The Downs: Despite all of the things that I stated above there are more things wrong with this comic; this issue specifically and the entire series so far is greatly off balance. As many writers as they have on this one series I would assume that they would create a story that was easier to follow that anyone can understand without too much confusion. I personally don’t read too much DC and therefore this series has so far been very uninteresting to me and I feel that with the explosive story they are trying to tell they should be gearing it to as many audiences as possible and making people like me get interested in their story. Azzarello and the others show us in issue zero what is to become of the story in the future and what Brother Eye has planned for the DC universe but they haven’t begun to pave a clear path of how they will begin to stop the problem. In a nutshell, this issue only contributed to the confusion with the continuation of multiple plots that I’m sure are meant to coincide at some point but as of right now they are only a nuisance to the story.

Overall: I, for one, have no intentions of continuing to read this series but if I was to continue I would hope that Azzarello, Lemire, Jurgens, and Giffen, who are all great actors in their own way, would get their ideas together and tell a coherent story that we all know they are capable of doing. In addition, the characters themselves are always referencing back to something they simply call “the war” and we wonder if the creators may be alluding to something that is meant to happen in Earth 2 and we want an explanation as to why it is so pivotal in this future that this story takes place in.

Grade: 2 of 5

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