Fantastic Four #4 Review

fantastic four #4 coverWriter: James Robinson

Artist: Leonard Kirk

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov


After a surprise attack from Fin Fang Foom, creatures of another dimension, and Johnny losing his powers, the Fantastic Four have had their more than fair share of problems since they returned from their journey through space and time. As if all those things weren’t enough, Johnny and Ben, find themselves in the middle of Time Square surrounded by members of the Wrecking Crew now brought together by the Wizard into the newly formed Frightful Four. With only one goal in their minds they refuse to let bumbling hunk of talking rock and his powerless blonde friend get in their way!

The Ups: Once again I have found nothing wrong with Robinson’s writing in this issue. He starts the book off with a narrative from the perspective of Johnny Storm as Times Square is being destroyed around him and he can do nothing about it because he no longer has his powers. He does what he can but he feels extremely useless as he has to look on and watch Ben fight off all of the Frightful Four by himself. Johnny has truly become a symbol of sheer hopelessness since he lost his powers. He is still reeling over the loss of who he was just as the rest of the Fantastic Four try to hold on to what makes them who they are. As the issue goes on and the fight between the Fantastic and the Frightful continues, Robinson conveys an underlying message that maybe the Fantastic Four do not know what they are doing anymore and don’t deserve the reputation they have and that idea is truly emphasized by the end of the book. Being that most of this issue is full of action I want to make a point that Leonard Kirk and Jesus Aburtov do a tremendous job of making each and every panel in the fight extremely dynamic causing our eyes to stay glued to the page in a way that a vibrant and vivid movie keeps you from looking away.

The Downs: Nothing bad at all this time around!

Overall: Throughout each issue so far, especially this one, certain characters are giving references to some sort of higher power or greater intelligence that is moving things around piece by piece and the Fantastic Four are at the center of it all. There has been no clear hint so far and I am honestly happy about that fact. I enjoy the sense of the mystery that Robinson is delivering as he slowly peels off the layers bit by bit to eventually reveal the “Fall of the Fantastic Four” that we have all been eagerly waiting and I have strong feelings that next issue will be one to look forward to!

Grade 5 of 5

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