Avengers Undercover #4

Avengers Undercover #4 CoverWriter: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Kev Walker

Colorist: Jean Francois Bealieu


After the murder of Arcade, the Arena survivors must escape his mansion. The super-teens run into even bigger problems when they realize that everything in Arcade’s mansion has been streamed and televised, not the best way to cover up a murder…

The Ups: This issue has everything: intense action, dark humor, difficult decisions, and complex moral debate. The issue starts out with the Arena survivors trying to escape Arcade’s mansion while also trying to cover up the murder and erase any record of it. The team is diverse enough that each member has their own opinions on the events and how to deal with them. So far this series has taken a realistic look at what would actually happen in these extreme circumstances and this issue is no different. The Arena survivors deal with their fair share of issues, whether they deserve them or not, which charges the story with emotions and a sense of realism. This roller coaster of violence, moral ambiguity, and general tragedy is brought to us through Kev Walker and Jean Francois Bealieu’s amazing artwork which can convey a wide range of emotions through its characters while still looking great.

The Downs: I honestly couldn’t have been happier with this issue.

Overall: Overall this was a well rounded issue. The issue starts out strong with action and tension and simmers down towards the middle with some cold-hard truths and realism. The issue then ends with a shocking conclusion. Of course there’s some humor thrown between the cracks as well to keep things fairly light when they need to be. All in all I couldn’t ask for more out of this issue, and I can’t wait for the next one.

Grade: 5 of 5

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