ComicRefueled’s Artist Alley 5.18.14

It’s that time of this week’s for our Artist Alley segment. Here we take awesome artist commissions from different social media outlets and we bring them to you the fans!

Here we start with some Greg Capullo (Batman) with some head shots of some heroes from DC, Marvel and some in between via his twitter.

Next we have Ryan Ottley (Invincible) displaying his skills with a wide range of heroes and villains, as well as an octopus, at the Motor City Comic Con via his twitter. Really love his Moon Knight.

Brett Booth (The Flash) gives us his take on the new TV Flash, a quick Aquaman and the all powerful Godzilla! Via Twitter.

And lastly we have Jason Howard (Trees) with some commissions from Motor City Comic Con via his Twitter. Who doesn’t love the Iron Giant.

And that wraps up another week of Artist Alley. Make sure to check out and support these awesome artist by checking out their social media pages and grabbing their comics! See you next Sunday with more of great drawings from the world of comics!

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