The Punisher #5 Review

the punisher #5 coverWriter: Nathan Edmondson

Artist/Colorist: Mitch Gerards


After narrowly escaping the clutches of Electro, The Punisher returns to his underground headquarters, waiting for the Dos Soles gang to make their next move. Little does Castle know that a group of elite specialists known as the Howling Commandos are hot on his tail! They are out for blood by any means necessary…

The Ups: This issue is properly named “Blackout” because this time around Castle’s struggles with Electro aren’t over yet and things only get worse when Electro cuts off all the power in the city. The Dos Soles gang then moves into its final steps as they begin to move against any form of law enforcement with no mercy but what they are not prepared for is The Punisher and his unshakable tenacity. My favorite thing about Punisher has always been that no matter what the odds or the circumstances he never backs down and always find a way out of it. Nathan Edmondson stacks the obstacles high against the Punisher as this arc nears its end but he still remembers to hold on to what makes Castle the man he is. My favorite line in the book is, “I don’t fear death, Electro. That’s a weakness of men. I’m The Punisher”. Edmondson makes this line resonate in a way similar to “with great power comes great responsibilty” but in this case it emphasizes that the Punisher is not a person, he is a force of the city and he is unwavered by anything and lets nothing get in his way. In addition, I really enjoy Mitch Gerards’ art style but what stood out the most for me this time around were the colors. Because of the blackout and the rain in the book, every panel has a bluish hue to it that gives off that solemn feeling of sorrow and somewhat pain and Punisher’s black and white scheme is sheer contrast to that alluding to the fact that he is the one thing that stands against the chaos.

The Downs: This issue was completely perfect in my eyes!

Overall: Edmondson writes each one of these books in a way that perfectly compliments the Punisher himself. The books are succinct and straight to the point which is reminiscent to Castle’s own brand of justice. This issue is definitely gearing us towards the end of this arc and I, for one, am very excited to see how it ends and what will become of the Punisher after it is all over.

Grade 5 of 5

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