Moon Knight #3 Review

moon knight #3 coverWriter: Warren Ellis

Artist: Declan Shalvey

Colorist: Jordie Bellaire


Moon Knight continues his crime fighting crusade and does whatever he can to keep the city and its people safe. This time around, Mr. Knight faces off against a group of spectral punks that force him to think outside the box and take some advice from the multiple personalities living inside his head…

The Ups: My favorite thing about this Moon Knight series has been the sheer weirdness that seems to emanate from the pages. Each issue has no connection to the previous one other than the fact that Moon Knight is fighting some sort of crime. Warren Ellis writes each issue, especially this one, in a way that is almost so confusing that it becomes simple to comprehend. In this issue Ellis tells us another strange yet exciting story where Moon Knight comes into contact with a punk ghost gang who’s only purpose seems to be going around the city and attacking random people. These people foolishly try to attack them like our dear Moon Knight and fail. Soon after Spector dons a new outfit granting him the ability to treat these ghosts like any other criminal. I must say that I have no idea where Ellis developed this plot idea from but I have no complaints. Another thing that adds to the awesome weirdness in this issue is Jordie Bellaire’s use of disorientating colors. She uses a foggy green, that gives off an eerie feeling to help reinforce the tone. Lastly, the lack of onomatopoeia in this issue is somewhat refreshing because even though something that is in regular comics is missing, it allows us to pay more attention to the art which is used to further the artwork in each panel despite sound effects. Another magnificent piece of art in this book is the design of Moon Knight’s new suit. If any of you out there are at all intrigued by Egyptian mythology then you will see a clear motif depicted in his new costume that directly alludes to the god Khonshu and stands to reason why this new suit was necessary in Spector’s fight in this issue.

The Downs: At first I found the lack of a coherent story arc to be a refreshing way to tell a character’s story and I still do but after three issues it is starting to become stale and uninteresting. I feel that if Warren Ellis was to start flushing out the start of an actual arc then we, as readers, would be able to get more accustom with this Moon Knight series.

Overall: In the end, I completely adore the strangeness of this series so far. Moon Knight is a hero that is like nothing we have seen before and this series reflects that perfectly. Despite that, as I stated above, I find the lack of any real story arc to be a little annoying and is slowly getting a bit old. I feel that if Ellis, Shalvey, and Bellaire don’t do something about it, this series might fall short.

Grade 4 of 5

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