ComicsRefueled’s Artist Alley 5.11.14

Welcome to another Artist Alley segment. This segment covers the art works from a few different comic book artists that have been posted through out the week on their sites and/or social medias. Check out some of this week’s art:

Joe Prado (Justice League) treats us to some pre-show commissions via his Facebook page:

Reilly Brown (Deadpool The Gauntlet) getting a lot of Deadpool love at Calgary Expo via Twitter:

Greg Capullo (Batman) Answers the question what if Greg Capullo drew for Marvel? Check it out from his Twitter:

Now check out Fco Plascencia (Batman) colors on those Capullo sketches. Bringing the dream to life on his Twitter:

Harvey Tolibao (Uncanny X-Force) brings out his FCBD sketches from last weekend on Instagram:

Finally, Mahmud Asrar (Wolverine and the X-Men) continues to show us why he is an All-New Young Gun with these commissions on Twitter:

That is it for this week. Come back next Sunday for more. Please support the artist’s works in display by visiting their website and social medias that I have linked. They deserve all the credit for their talents!

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