Undertow #3 Review

Undertow #3 coverWriter: Steve Orlando

Artist/Colorist: Artyom Trakhanov


Anshargal, Ukinnu, and Kingu are set upon by a tribe of feral humans who want nothing more than to rip them limb from limb but the fight is cut short when the team finally comes across the thing they have been searching for: The Amphibian. Meanwhile the Atlantean council has a few surprises in store in order to finally get rid of Anshargal and erase him from the history books…

The Ups: The title for this issue “Up Jumped The Devil” is represented perfectly when the Amphibian comes into the picture and Steven Orlando translates that moment in a way where the story seems to slow to a stop as both the reader and characters take their time in taking in the new development. This issue was very succinct and delivered all the information we need without drowning us in unnecessary plot lines that would confuse us. This time around Orlando shows us a little bit more about the primitive humans Anshargal and his people comes across and how even though they live on land, in their current societal and cultural state, they are the same as the Atlantis he left behind. Speaking of Atlantis, in this book we are given a further glimpse into the corruption that Anshargal stands out against which Orlando also uses to show a contrast between Anshargal’s Atlanteans and the traditional Atlanteans and the fear they have of what Anshargal represents and the levels they are willing to go to stop him. Artyom Trakhanov’s artwork and colors in this issue really helped to make each and every scene stand out. In the scene where Anshargal and his men are fighting off the humans, the humans are all one color of dark brown which, in groups, makes them seem like on amorphous blob and the pencil art depicts the humans in all different shapes in sizes almost making them seem not human.

Undertow #3 pageThe Downs: Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov have truly kicked it up a notch in this issue and I found there to be nothing wrong this time around.

Overall: The lore of this series is what first interested me and what is keeping me sucked in as the series goes on. In real life legends, Atlantis was depicted as a utopia, a place where everyone and everything was at peace and in sync both before and after it sank. Orlando and Trakhanov take that story, tear it apart, and reform it into a story about a corrupt civilization and an outlawed man who only wants to promote freedom for himself and those who wish for it. I must say I am hooked on this series and expect more and more from its creators as time goes on and so far I have every confidence in them that they will deliver.

Grade 5 of 5

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