Quick Hit Reviews: DareDevil #2, GotG #14, Superior Spider-Man Team Up #12

3775346-02DAREDEVIL #2

Writer: Mark Waid  Artist: Chris Samnee  Colorist: Javier Rodriguez

The man without fear is digging his new place of operation. People welcome him and he sure is enjoying the attention. However not everyone is happy to see a superhero arrive on their turf. An old marvel hero makes his return but trouble are lurking when the Kingpin of LA is quickly on the rise. Waid seems like he can do no wrong with Matt Murdock. He writes such a fun character and you can see that Matt is enjoying being Daredevil with his smudged comments. It was great! He might be another candidate for the Guardians of the Galaxy team in my opinion. The issue is fun until the end when even Daredevil has to get serious about the surprise revelation. Waid takes this story and flips it on it’s heel for a great cliffhanger. The art is top notch from Samnee and Rodriguez. A great use of facial expressions really made this issue superb!

Grade 5 of 5


Writer: Various Writers  Artist: Various Artist

The Guardians turn 100 this issue! (actually 101) There were several stories told by many creators such as Brian Michael Bendis, Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett. The story takes place in the future, likely after the Free Comic Book Day issue since the future new members of the Guardians have joined the team. I can already see Bendis is going to have fun writing Venom. His story with Drax was funny with a buddy cop movie vibe. Bendis does a flip on Peter Quill’s character and puts him in a serious confrontation with his father. Nick Bradshaw joins the series on art and has a solid start. I enjoyed his version of Venom which had a slight change in apperance. There is a young Groot story that was emotional and violent. The art panel sequence was hard to follow. Lanning and Abnett story sets the seeds for a story involving the future and a team of Guardians we haven’t seen in ages. Very exciting things are coming from Guardians just in time for the movie!

Grade 4 of 5


Writer: Kevin Shinick  Artist: Ron Frenz / Sal Buscema / Marco Checchetto

This is it. The end of Otto Octavius story. This issue and the previous was filled with lots of emotional and personal story. This explores the relationship of Otto and Norman Osborn before the time of superior Spider-man. A time when both these men put down their differences and untied to take down Spidey. Shinick gives you a few more reason to like Otto and understand the character’s motives. You’ll find yourself caring for the character more than you have before. A great job by Shinick to give Otto a final send of before Peter takes back the title of being superior. The art in this issue was cleverly great. You get a mash up of the past and the present. The past is done by Frenz and Buscema which gives the Otto portion of the story the old Marvel feel. Checcetto does present time art with stellar detail and his Spidey art will be missed. An overall great issue to end the superior run and should not be passed off.

Grade 4 of 5

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