Fantastic Four #3 Review

Fantastic Four #3 coverWriter: James Robinson

Artist: Leonard Kirk

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov


The dreaded surprise attack on New York City by the creatures from Franklin’s universe and the loss of Johnny’s powers has the Fantastic Four and the city reeling from the devastation and trying their best to keep pushing forward….But once the ball of dismay starts rolling it doesn’t tend to stop.

The Ups: My favorite thing about James Robinson’s style of writing in this series so far is he knows exactly when to turn up the action and deliver an exciting story and when to tone it down in order to concentrate and get in deep with the characters and their emotions. This issue focuses on the aftermath of the surprise battle that took place in Manhattan between the heroes of New York and creatures from Franklin’s pocket dimension. After losing his powers when detonating a bomb to stop the creatures, Johnny Storm is living out his life as a regular person (with a lot of fame and talent) while Reed does his best to learn the secrets of the creatures and try to reverse the effects that cause Johnny to be powerless. Susan and Ben have returned to the people and things that bring them comfort in an effort to retain their emotional compass. Robinson has a true knack for making the readers truly feel for the characters they read about in ways that we haven’t really experienced even with characters we know and love. Aburtov’s colors were very vibrant and the highlight of the art.3767343-2+fanfour2014003_int_lr2

The Downs: Leonard Kirk and Jesus Aburtov are both great examples of amazing artists and colorists, respectively, but because there was a lack of action and dynamic scenes, the panels were very plain to look at and didn’t have anything that truly popped out at me. I feel some of the luster was taken away from the issue this time around.

Overall: Though this issue lacked action, we all know that not every great comic is riddled with action in every book and there must always be exposition and that is always my favorite start of any story. The calm before the storm. I am truly anxious to see where this series continues to go and what the ending of this first arc will bring for the rest of this series and the Fantastic Four themselves. Robinson, Kirk, and Aburtov have been doing a spectacular job so far and I’m hopeful that they will continue to do so.

Grade 4 of 5

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