Elektra #1 Review

Elektra #1 - Page 1Writer: W. Haden Blackman

Artist: Michael Del Mundo

Colorist: Michael Del Mundo/Marco D’Alfonso


“I am, and I will always be someone’s assassin.”

Elektra, the beautiful crimson ninja has taken many roles in her deadly life, fighter, lover, assassin. But one thing she’s never taken a role in is being in control of her own life and now might be the time to do just that as she takes on a contract to kill the powerful and hard to find Cape Crow. But little does Elektra know that someone else who is just as deadly, is going after the same target!

The Ups: If you ever read Blackman’s recent run on Batwoman, then you should already know this is going to be an amazing story and Blackman delivers. Beginning the issue with a brief history on who Elektra is and what new things Blackman will bring to the character. For new readers such as myself, Blackman brings us up to speed while allowing readers to discover or rediscover the character. What I enjoyed the most is this issue had a whole lot of events going on at the same time with Elektra deciding she wants to take control of her life, and the introduction of the two powerful and fearsome villains Cape Crow and Bloody Lips. The writing has a smooth pacing and set up this first arc perfectly. What I found intriguing was the inclusion of events that happened in Mark Waid’s previous Daredevil run being used in this story. While minor the invovlement of Waid’s story was it still was nice to see pieces from such a great series used and elaborated on by such a great writer. And even more amazing then the well written story, is Del Mundo and D’Alfonso’s beyond amazing artwork for this issue. Not only was every page just such a wonder to look at, (especially the page shown below) but I found myself loving the overall design and feel. While reading the issue, I got this a steampunk vibe, especially with Elektra’s contact, the Matchmaker, mostly due to her classic 50’s outfit and style. I also enjoying the water coloring done by D’Alfonso. All the beautiful artwork almost made me forget I had a story to read, it is that good!

Elektra #1 - Page 5The Downs: Too good to see any flaws.

Overall: After reading this issue, my thoughts of how DC dropped the ball with Blackman screams loudly here and I hope this time around Blackman gets to tell the story he truly wants. With Del Mundo and D’Alfonso on board with their powerful artwork, Elektra has quickly become a must read for everyone.

Grade 5 of 5

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