Aquaman #30 Review

Aquaman #30 CoverWriter: Jeff Parker

Artist: Paul Pelletier & Alvaro Martinez

Colorist: Rain Beredo


After Dr. Evans frees the Giant-born and a deranged Hercules, Aquaman must contain these beasts and figure out a way to close the portal allowing them to enter this dimension. Hot demi-god on pseudo-demi-god action ensues as Hercules and Aquaman engage in glorious battle!

The Ups: I genuinely enjoy the concept behind what’s happening in this current arc. The past few Aquaman stories have been centered around threats originating from Atlantis (which have all been great by the way) but it is nice to see Aquaman have a unique adversary that didn’t come from Atlantis. By expanding his rogues gallery into Greek mythology we get to see Aquaman fight some interesting creatures such as the Giant-born, this also paves the way for Wonder Woman tie-ins which I would thoroughly enjoy.Parker is cleverly building up some plot threads for the future that could pay off big for this fan. Back underwater some interesting developments occur with Mera that sow seeds for future stories as well as giving her a chance to show how much of a badass she is, on the off-chance you forgot. Parker continues to carry the momentum of success in this issue.The art was surprisingly well with 2 artists on this issue. Even with the artists change throughout the issue, both Pelletier and Martinez meet in the middle with a bold and intense art style that delivers some stunning action scenes.


The Downs: This story arc started off focusing on the mystery of the Karaqan and has seemingly chosen to focus on something completely different in this issue. While both storylines are entertaining and have great potential I would like both of them to resolve without having to flip back and forth between them. There is a possibility that these two stories will connect but there aren’t many clues that imply a clear connection.

Overall: The fight between Aquaman and Hercules is incredibly satisfying and fits nicely into the plot. That fight alone would have made the issue worth reading but we also see the advancement of a couple other subplots that are entertaining as well. Nothing particularly eventful happened in the issue in terms of the larger narrative and this current arc could use some more direction and consistency. Overall this issue was a fun read. Even if the focus of the series shifts more often than I’d like it to, it still feels like there are great stories on the horizon and the end of the issue promotes some upcoming team-ups that I can’t wait for.

Grade: 4 of 5

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