Quick Hit Reviews: Justice League #29, Ms. Marvel #3, Wolverine #4

3762408-justice+leagueJUSTICE LEAGUE #29 (Forever Evil Tie-In)

Writer: Geoff Johns  Artist: Doug Mahnke  Colorist: Rod Reis

Cyborg teams up with the newly reactivated Metal Men to take on Grid and this fight goes into the cyberspace. Johns puts the spotlight on Cyborg and really shows that he is capable of standing out on his own and the Metal Men are quickly becoming fun characters worth following. The story does gets a little weird in the cyberspace (similar to Superior Spider-Man #9). Mahnke does a great job drawing the issue with some fantastic action sequences. Reis sets the dark mood with his colors during this dark times of Forever Evil. This issue was enjoyable and gives you a reason to want a Cyborg focus book or a Metal Men team book.

Grade 4 of 5

3762609-03MS MARVEL #3

Writer: G. Willow Wilson  Artist: Adrian Alphonse  Colorist: Ian Herring

This book is one of my favorite hands down and this issue proves why. Kamala is a comic fan girl that gets to be a hero and reacts like any one of us would at her age if we got powers. This issue follows her after the day of the Terrigen Mist incident. She tries to go back to having a normal life and freaking out about having powers. This character can be compare to when Miles Morales got his powers. It is a similar dynamic but Wilson does it in her style and it is simply amazing. You’ll find yourself caring for Kamala. Alphonse and Herring are outstanding on art. The colors are bright and uplifting with a sense of mellowness. A great issue overall that is a must read!

Grade 5 of 5

3762619-04WOLVERINE #4

Writer: Paul Cornell  Artist: Ryan Stegman/David Baldeon  Colorist: David Curiel

Wolverine has decide to cut his tie with the people close to him including the School of Jean Grey, Kitty Pride, and other characters. He is fully devoted to The Offer and his group of people. Wolverine is a lone wolf again or is he? I was caught off guard with this issue. Cornell gives us answers to what really is going on with Logan and why he has been acting the way he has since issue #1. The story is finally coming together which I am glad because the slow pacing of this issue was bothering me. The focus on Sabertooth is also something I was not enjoying. He has not really shown up in the series but he is the only villain be showcase so far. This issue seeds that we will get to see other people soon but it is all still connected to Sabertooth. Stegman continue to provide us with a rough and tumble Wolverine. His posture is bent and dragging like a savage beast which perfectly displays the character’s nature. Curiel colors are the right complement and it gave the book a similar color to Wolverine Origins. This series was losing me but the reveal towards the end of the issue has brought me back. The art alone is worth the read.

Grade 3 of 5

2 thoughts on “Quick Hit Reviews: Justice League #29, Ms. Marvel #3, Wolverine #4

  1. I think Wolverine has lost me. I just haven’t admitted it yet. I made a resolution that I would bail on bad series more quickly. I stuck with Batwoman about three months longer than I should have. I’ll probably give Wolverine one more issue, then I’m out. I hate Stegman’s art, not sure why. I just find Logan looks “dopey”.

    • I understand. It not something you are digging. I am on the fence because I am a huge Stegman fan but Cornell writing is too slow paced and the build up isn’t very shocking/captivating. Don’t know how far I should go with it. I am with you on not admitting that Wolverine has lost me. Thanks for the comment!

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