SuperiorChris’s Web Corner Issue 1

superboy #30 coverIn a sneak attack last week, Aaron Kuder (Action Comics, Green Lantern: New Guardians) wrote the story to Superboy issue #30. Every one knows him as the current artist of Action Comics but in this issue he took on writing duty which is something he has done before during villain’s month (Action Comics 23.4: Parasite) This was a complete surprise since Marv Wolfman had just begun writing the series. It is not a complete lost since Wolfman did not deviate from the doomed stories of the previous Superboy issues. I am not saying the writers were bad but simply they were not telling captivating stories. I’ll be honest that I have not enjoyed any part of this New 52 series since the first issue. The stories have been highly convoluted to no end. The last time I truly enjoyed a Superboy series was the short feature in the Action Adventure run by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. But something strange happened last week when I walked into my local comic shop and picked up Superboy #30 (Drawn in by the creative team). “I’ll give it a shot” I thought to myself. I was shocked to find myself enjoying the issue. Kuder made me care for Superboy again. The story was easy to follow and understandable which should be the goal when you are telling a time travel story (because we all know how complex those stories can get) It also introduced a new cast of characters that will be hanging out with Superboy. Guess what? They were each fun and interesting. This definitely hooked me. What reel me in was the dilemma of a doomed Superboy by his own hands which can be the seeds to the character changing his way. I also can’t forget the stunning art by Jorge Jimenez Moreno and colorist team of Tanya and Richard Horie. This book has not look this good since…well it started. I am hoping this is a creative team to stay because they have got something here. Could be difficult with Kuder writing and drawing on different books but if Charles Soule can write 9 books (at one point) and still run a law practice then I hope Kuder can do it too. Lesson to be learn: If you aren’t enjoying a book and left it in the dust, keep tabs on it. You’ll never know when your Aaron Kuder saves the day.

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I enjoy my Batman, Earth 2, and of course Batman Beyond like nobody else but when is more too much? DC Comics have announced 3 weekly comics: Batman Eternal (Out now: 2 issues), Futures End (FCBD in May), and the newly announced Earth-2: World’s End (October). I was initially excited for these series because I enjoy the characters so much. This all changed as I took a long look into my wallet and my pull list. I am not alone as I have seen lots of people upset and conflicted on this issue across the inter-web. This is adding another $2.99-$8.97 to your total every week. This can be too much if you have a heavy pull list already or are trying to keep cost down. 2 of the 3 books will be going on for a year. This isn’t the first time if you remember the Pre 52 weekly comic 52. I understand that the comic book industry is booming with the Marvel movies being popular and the All-new/New 52 initiative creating new opportunities. It is a great time for comics and comic book fans. But the supply is too high at the moment. I had about 15-18 books a week and some how (with a lot of tears) I brought it down to 8-10 books a week. It may not seem like a big drop but a few extra bucks in my pocket goes a long way. There are sacrifices to be made with these weekly books. Some people will drop some of their current books to pick up these weekly. You may ask why do that to your books well because if you don’t pick up these weekly you’ll be left behind. These books will effect the current series at DC and if you want to know why Superman is Blue instead of Red (making this up) or Why Robin is a she and not a he (this one too) then you got have to read these weekly. As for those who say “I’ll trade wait it”, you have the right idea however DC Comics makes that difficult. The first trade for Batman Eternal won’t come out until December (a thought for another time) of this year according to Amazon (link to the trade in case anyone wants to pre-order) and will be collecting only the first 20 issues at a price a little over 50% cheaper than the individual comics. I love comics but I just can’t see myself doing the weekly issues for the sake of my wallet. If you got the room and money to spare go for it but I will be reading these at my shop (since I am very impatient; December! REALLY?!) Is DC trying to give or trying to destroy us all?! (all being our wallets/purses).

Until next time! and thanks for reading my first of many web corners. Sound off! in the comments to weigh in your opinions.  

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Chris

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