FUTURES END: Remember when the Blood Moon Rose a few days ago…

When the Blood Moon appeared on April 15, 2014 DC Comics revealed this tease for Futures End:


When Futures End… The Blood Moon Shall Rise. Courtesy: DC Comics

The image teases the end for the future of DC comics. Here is are the hints dropped by the DC Comics. The major players involve Cadmus, Mr. Terrific, and of course Brother Eye beside the aforementioned Frankenstein, Fire Storm, and Batman Beyond.

At this point we can speculate that it could be a multiverse crisis similar to the Crisis series from pre-New 52. As you can see that there are 4 Mr. Terrific being display in the image from different universes and they might not be all good as Grifter is shooting at one of them. There is also a robin which can be from the past, present, or an entirely different universe. Looks like Lois will play a role in the event. It might be something similar to the one she played during Flash Point. Booster Gold is also in the image and he played a prominent role in the Dc Comic weekly 52 that led to Infinite Crisis . All signs point to a showdown of infinite Earth (Well 52 of them at least). There are other things to point out such as Superman, Hawkman, and the ship in the background but there is not enough information to work off. Sound off in the comments if you spot more hints to Futures End.









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