Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 Review

Iron Fist The Living Weapon #1 CoverWriter: Kaare Kyle Andrews

Artist: Kaare Kyle Andrews


Daniel Rand is many things; a tortured soul, a millionaire philanthropist, an immortal weapon and dragon slayer, a kung-fu master, and a super hero. But above all else Danny Rand is Iron Fist, the living weapon. Iron Fist stars in his own series, complete with Kung-Fu, ninjas, angst, and one-night-stands.

The Ups: What stood out most to me was the art style of this series. The art looks like something from a traditional Japanese woodblock painting, but with the added flair and intensity of modern American comic-book art. Andrews plays with the coloring and lighting a lot in this issue, using selective color pallets for the action scenes to make everything pop. On top of the amazing artwork we get a brief yet informative origin story that’s told in a new way that will give long-time fans of Iron Fist a fresh look at his origin while introducing him to newcomers.

Iron Fist The Living Weapon #1 - Page 11The Downs: Danny is a little too angsty in this issue. Superheroes are generally entitled to a good amount of angst, but I feel like I’ve seen Iron Fist in this same situation in other books without being so moody. Danny seems to spend a lot of time in this issue contemplating the events that would lead him to becoming the Iron Fist, and as you might imagine, those events are pretty tragic. Having Danny feel this emotional about his origin at this point in time doesn’t feel natural because in other books he’s shown to be perfectly at peace with himself. Granted, this is the first issue of a new series and there may be story elements particular to this series that we don’t know yet that might justify this.

Overall: This series feels like it has real potential. The art is outstanding and different and Andrews writes Danny Rand well. Danny broods a little more than usual at first but after the action picks up he becomes much more energetic and even makes a few jokes. As the first part of a series this issue does a great job of introducing the character and showing what makes him interesting. This series is also different enough from the previous Iron Fist books that the fans who enjoyed “Immortal Iron Fist” or his roles in other books will get something new out of this. It’s still a little too soon to tell how the book will play out since we know so little about the story arc, but with the style this book has I have no doubt that future issues will be a refreshing and entertaining read.

Grade: 5 of 5

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