All-New Ultimates #1 Review

All-New Ultimates #1 - Page 1Writer: Michel Fiffe

Artist: Amilcar Pinna

Colorist: Nolan Woodard


The Ups: Firstly, I must say that I have been extremely pumped for this series since it was first announced several months back and I believe they have hit the nail directly on the head with this first issue! My favorite thing about this issue and what will probably be my favorite things throughout the whole series is that, writer Michel Fiffe does not forget that the characters are all teenagers. There is a subtle tone of teen angst and “immaturity” that is almost omnipresent throughout the entire issue. Fiffe writes it in a way that is meant to show how little the team knows about what they’re doing and what little they have to go on and it conveys that perfectly. Sometimes I find myself so engaged in the issue that I almost want to yell out at the characters and tell what to do and what not to do and not many writers know how to bring out that reaction in people. In addition, I have a very special place in my heart for all Spider-man related things so I am very interested to see how Miles operates in a constant team effort but so far it has been great and his character has not shifted in any bad ways.

All-New Ultimates #1 - Page 5The Downs: Amilcar Pinna’s art and Nolan Woodard’s colors did not intrigued me as much as Fiffe’s story did. I found myself looking twice at some panels because the art wasn’t exactly clear and the colors seemed like they were painted on but it was like the painting had lost it’s luster over time. The people themselves weren’t too bad but the backgrounds seem extremely dull and not very pleasing to the eye at all.

Overall: In the end, this issue is a good start at a series featuring a new generation of Ultimates. Like the book says, “Bound by the darker side of corporate scientific misconduct, these powerful underdogs are unified by a mission to make their city, and the world, a safer place”, and I believe that it will be that bond that will be the driving force behind the story and the characters as time goes on. To it seems that that quote is synonymous with “With great power, comes great responsibility” and that will be what makes this series whole in the long run.

Grade 4 of 5


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