Worlds’ Finest #22 Preview

Following their team-up with Batman and Superman, Power Girl and Huntress have some difficult choices ahead. What’s next for the Worlds’ Finest…and what world will they choose?


Worlds’ Finest #22 Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino

Written by: Paul Levitz

Art by: Joe Weems/RB Silva

Cover by: Emanuela Lupacchino

Price: $2.99

On Sale 4/9/14






Credit: DC Comics

4 thoughts on “Worlds’ Finest #22 Preview

  1. I’m not pretty sure about understand this comic… Power girl and Huntress are from Earth 2 or I’m totally wrong?

    • They are originally from Earth 2 yes. The beginning of the Earth 2 series shows how they were sent into the main universe. Power Girl is still Superman’s cousin but Huntress is Batman’s daughter, originally a Robin.

      • Oh, I read earth 2 every month but not the others Dc’s comics, that’s the reason because I’m very confused. Finally I understand the relation between worlds. So super girl an Robin grow up in earth 1(?)

      • No they were already old enough, not 100% sure on the age. They came shortly after the Darksied invasion of the main universe (I believe both invasions happened at the same time not sure.) But they were there in the missing five years after the New 52 started. But great choice on reading Earth 2 it’s an amazing series, but I also recommend some others as well like recent issues of Green Arrow and the main Batman series.

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