Batman: Detective Comics #30 Review

Detective Comics #30 - Page 1Writer: Francis Manapul

Artist: Brian Buccellato

Colorist: Brian Buccellato


The tag team of Francis Manapul and Brian Bucellato make their debut in Detective Comics and tell a new story about Playboy Billionaire by day, crime fighting vigilante by night, Bruce Wayne, as he continues his war against the corrupt underbelly of Gotham City by taking new steps towards changing one of the city’s most decrepit neighborhoods and coming across the mysterious Icarus…

The Ups: The thing I find that makes this issue a truly spectacular Batman story is the subtle nature of the exposition. No matter what is going on throughout this comic, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato do a magnificent job of writing it in a way that gives off an extremely calm tone. The characters themselves also seem to convey this same level of “calmness” which almost throws us off once everything comes crashing down and almost forces a double take that I find to be very refreshing and new in comics. The continuity of this issue keeps everything moving forward at the same pace and stays consistent with the overarching plot in order to keep the reader constantly engaged. One of my favorite parts that I believe really adds to the comic is Brian Buccellato’s use of color in some of the early panels. In the beginning panels Batman is traversing across the city in and out of the shadows. In these panels Buccellato blends Batman’s color in a way that makes it seem like he is almost fading in and out of the darkness in each panel truly giving life to him and making it feel like he is truly part of the night.

The Downs: The downside to this issue may be something that not everyone notices but if I noticed it then I’m sure some of you out there will. In the beginning there are hints at what Icarus may or may not be but it is then suddenly dropped towards the middle of the book which sort of threw me off momentarily. I wish there was maybe a little bit more of an understanding seeing as how Icarus is the title of this arc.

Overall: Even though the mention of Icarus seems to disappear from comic in the middle, it may just be another tool Manapul uses to continue with the theme of subtlety and allowing the book to rev up to it’s peak and then dropping the bomb down on us which is never a bad thing. I look forward to the rest of this arc to see what Icarus is and why it seems to be very hush-hush.

Grade: 4 of 5

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