Arrow S2E18 Review

Arrow_Season2Writer: Marc Guggenheim & Drew Z. Greenberg

Director: Guy Bee

Cast: Stephen Amell/David Ramsey/Emily Bett Rickards/Katie Cassidy/Colton Haynes/Caity Lotz/Manu Bennett/Kevin Alejandro/Summer Glau


Slade puts the next phase of his plan into action in this groundbreaking episode of Arrow as Oliver and his companions are pushed to their mental and emotional limits as everything from Queen Consolidated throughout the rest of Starling City writhe in pain as the newly christened “Deathstroke” is revealed…

The Ups: There was a lot of hype and speculation built up around tonight’s episode from executive producer and writer, Marc Guggenheim that things were definitely going to turn up in this episode and they delivered. The writing in this episode feels reminiscent of something we would experience in a Batman story with its multiple plot lines and twists and turns that we all know and love. In this episode Marc Guggenheim’s and Drew Z. Greenberg’s writing is spot on as they take us on a roller coaster ride with multiple tracks that converge and come crashing together at multiple points that keeps us on the edge of our seats. My favorite aspect of this episode was when there was a clear representation of emotional turmoil of the characters that would send things spiraling out of control. I find that the shows become a lot more dynamic and engaging when the characters portray some sense of vulnerability because of the simple reason that it makes them more human and the situations more believable and I think we can all agree that Arrow is very good at keeping things immersive.

The Downs: The only I found to be on the downside about tonight’s episode was possibly the acting done by Stephen Amell, who portrays Oliver Queen. I don’t know if it is his fault or the fault of the director but in a particular scene he is supposed to be enraged or emotionally upset and his face seems restrained or otherwise “held back” from the expressions he actually wants to make. In my opinion, he should open up a little more.

Overall: In the end, this episode really does live up to all the hype Marc Guggenheim spread around about it. The changes that occur within this episode have completely changed the game of the Arrow series from this point on. It is near impossible to discern what direction the characters or the show will go in now and that is very good to experience. The unknown is what keeps us dragged in, the unknown keeps us guessing, the unknown knocks us down and picks us back up for more, and we allow it.

Grade: 5 of 5

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