Arrow S2E15 Review

Arrow_Season2Director: Glen Winter

Writer: Jake Coburn/Ben Sokolowski

Cast: Stephen Amell/David Ramsey/Emily Bett Rickards/Katie Cassidy/Colton Haynes/Caity Lotz/Manu Bennett


Oliver is stuck in his house with Slade and his family to make sure they aren’t harmed in any way. Back on the island, Slade, Oliver, and Sara begin their attack on the freighter things slowly start to unravel between the three of them.

The Ups: This episode’s scope was much smaller than previous episodes this season and in essence that is a good thing. Most of the time in the episode is spent with Oliver and the others on the island and that is quite a refreshing change than the usual short flashbacks. Director Glen Winter and writers Jake Coburn and Ben Sokolowski perfectly sync up everything in the present story to the island story in this episode in such a subtle way that the undertone of the episode stays consistent all the way through and only makes us appreciate the episode more and more. You can cut the tension in this episode with a knife as the cast and crew properly convey the intensity of each situation in this episode which further promotes the fact that things will only get worse from this point on.

The PromiseThe Downs: Although the episode’s scope was small and very fruitful, it felt paced a little too slow when we all knew where it was headed and how it was going to get there in the first ten minutes and a bit of the episode could have been used to further the story in other important areas.

Overall: In the end this episode, although lacking story development or any new information, was very pivotal on a much more intense level. This episode shows the sheer tension and anxiety that some of these characters are now facing and just by looking at the faces on them we can tell that they know where it will all come to a head which only makes us not knowing even more frustrating…But in a good way!

Grade 4 of 5

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