The Walking Dead S4E12 Review

homepage_WalkingDeadMainCLEANWriter: Julius Ramsey

Director: Angela Kang

Cast: Andrew Lincoln/Norman Reedus/Steven Yeun/Lauren Cohan/Chandler Riggs/Danai Gurira/Melissa McBride/Emily Kinney/Chad L. Coleman


Daryl and Beth continue their journey of survival with no one but each other and decide that just living day by day is worth nothing and crave to make something of their days together.

The Ups: This episode is the perfect depiction of what a coming of age story would be in the world of the walking dead. Throughout the entire episode no characters are shown aside from Beth and Daryl, played by Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus respectively, and writer Julius Ramsey uses them to make this one of the most interesting episodes in the series to date. Both characters have conflicting attitudes about the situation they are currently in, Beth is reminiscent of the type of teenager who feels they have nothing left and Daryl has relapsed into his old apathetic nature, and both of them are in denial. The entire episode has both characters bouncing of off each other and butting heads as they go through what director Angela Kang wanted to be a condensed yet strange version of overcoming depression. It is amazing to see the director and writer use these two characters to prove such an aspiring point especially because Beth and Daryl have always been introverted in their own way and to see them open up is extremely refreshing and almost makes them feel like brand new people altogether.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-12-Preview-SceneThe Downs: I can honestly say that there is completely no downside to this episode except for the fact that there may have been one too many commercial breaks!

Overall: In the end this episode, although devoid of action, gave us great insight into the heads of Daryl and Beth and helped to answer questions that have both come up recently about the two and questions that have been lingering since long before this season started. These kind of episodes are what truly make or break any television show and The Walking Dead is the king of keeping us sucked in and wanting more during the slow parts of the series because we all know that we can’t resist that theme song or the memorable characters and wait impatiently for every new episode.

Grade 5 of 5

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