The Walking Dead #122 Review

The Walking Dead #122 - Page 1Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Charlie Adlard

Inker/Colorist: Stefano Gaudiano/Cliff Rathburn


Trying to still recover from the devastating attack from Negan’s army, Rick and the town are shaken up wondering when Negan is going to strike next. Maggie on the other hand after leading a charge in order to save Rick and the town is not left her in charge of her people and she doesn’t not know if she is ready to lead anyone.

The Ups: The pace of the story has slowed down a lot after the last two issues but Kirkman is putting together some real interesting plot points together in this issue alone without feeling like the story is all over the place. This issue to me was more of the calm before the storm because it was very heavy on the dialogue and building towards the next chapter where things seem to start picking up. The best part to me was the building of the characters such as Jesus and Ezekiel, as they both, but more so Ezekiel, have gone through some major changes due to Negan it was cool to see that there is more to them then what we already know helping me care about them just a little more.

The Walking Dead #122 - Page 4The Downs: The artwork from Adlard seemed a little lacking this issue as there were just a lot of simple scenes and the characters lack a little bit of detail here and there but enough to notice sadly. Being that it’s just a story heavy issue I can give it some slack but it bugs me when an issue falls a little on the artwork due to lack of action.

Overall: This story arc hasn’t really caught me as much as I thought it would of but I feel as Kirkman normally does, he will keep us hanging till the last minute and blow everyone’s mind. But if you are invested in this story line this issue has a lot of stuff to tease what comes in the future.

Grade 3 of 5

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