Fantastic Four #1 Review

Fantastic Four #1 - Page 1Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Leonard Kirk

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov


Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm are the world renowned Fantastic Four and their lives, just like any other life, have their shares of ups and downs but, as with any superhero or superhero team, those things rarely ever stay balanced.

The Ups: The narration in this issue done from the perspective of Susan Storm is written perfectly and paced in just the right amounts. Writer James Robinson uses her inner monologue to convey to us the hard times that are to come to our beloved characters but throughout the book, nothing but good times and ordinary city saving adventures are shown to us. This contrast is done so incredibly well that it creates not only a conflict in the story but also a conflict within the reader because we all know what is going to happen and the anxiety is both exciting and terrifying.

Fantastic Four #1 - Page 6The Downs: On the downside, the art seems a little lack luster. All in all Leonard Kirk’s style of art is not bad but it does seem like a culmination of styles that we have all seen time and time again.

Overall: In the end, despite the ordinary art style, there were a few scenes where Kirk properly captures the scope of the situation through his art and I am very intrigued with the way this series is deciding to start and it makes me crave for answers to my questions. One thing that is definite however is the fact that the Fantastic Four that we’ve known in the past is about to be flipped on its head.

Grade 4 of 5

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