Arrow S2E14 Review

Arrow_Season2Writer: Wendy Mericle/Beth Schwartz

Director: Nick Copus

Cast: Stephen Amell/David Ramsey/Emily Bett Rickards/Katie Cassidy/Colton Haynes/Caity Lotz


Sara joins up with the Arrow and the rest of the team which creates a bit of tension among them. Also, a new villain by the name of Clock King steals a priceless tool that will lead him to any and all avenues of wealth.

The Ups: The key aspect of this episode is based solely around the characters’ emotions and their inner turmoils in their normal lives. Writers Wendy Mericle and Beth Schwartz in conjunction with director Nick Copus, use the antagonist of Clock King as and indirect method of channeling the emotions of the characters’, specifically Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). It is actual quite refreshing to sit back, relax and watch an episode that lets us get deep into the minds of the key characters and doesn’t feel forced at all. The acting done by Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance), and even Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) is so pivotal in this episode because the emotional level that these actors convey into the characters brings more life to their strife and makes us, the audience, more sympathetic and attune to them.

ar214a_0220b-jpg-9acf47c8-t3The Downs: The concept of the Clock King feels almost forced and honestly not needed to portray the message the writers and director wee going for. The idea and scheme of Clock King is one that we’ve all seen before but just has a slight twist on it but in the end it is nothing that hasn’t been done and is quite predictable.

Overall: Though the Clock King plot line is dry and utterly overused in all other forms of media, the flip side of this episode that focuses on the regular characters and their plots is what really makes the episode shine. The path the series seems to be going as we get closer to the end is probably going to be one to target the emotions of each and every character and after today’s episode it is unsure as to who will be left with their psyche intact.

Grade 4 of 5

2 thoughts on “Arrow S2E14 Review

  1. The build of between the two has been done so well sometimes I feel the jungle story gives more of an interesting story to tell but now that all of Ollie’s past has caught up to him I can only see this series going to great places.

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