ComicsRefueled’s Artist Alley 2.23.14

Welcome to our first Artist Alley segment. This will cover the art work from a few different comic book artists that have been posted through out the week on their sites and/or social medias. This will be up every Sunday. Lets start by checking out these guys:

Brett Booth does not do convention commissions. To offset that he does Sketch Saturdays which he draws one commission style sketch and puts it on sale on Saturday through his Twitter. First come, first serve deal so be quick! This week was special since he did 3 sketches and last week’s sketch (Via Brett Booth’s blog):

Adi Granov had been uploading a sketch a day on his Tumblr:

Peter Nguyen posted this crazy X-men work on Tumblr:

Elias Chatzoudis is the cover artist of most of the Zenescope titles and he uploaded a few pin-ups and commissions on his Deviant Art. Jinkies!

Last but not least is a spoiler of Spoiler. Dustin Nguyen’s New 52 Spoiler Stephanie Brown design. It is on his Tumblr

That is it for this week. Come back next Sunday for more. Please support these works in display by visiting the artist’s website and social medias that I have linked. They deserve all the credit for their talents.

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