Harley Quinn #3 Review

Harley Quinn #3 - Page 1Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artists/Cover: Chad Hardin/Amanda Conner

Colorists: Alex Sinclair


It is Valentine day and Harley is feeling lonely. Poison Ivy made a visit last issue and left her a little gift. This gift was exactly what she needed or is it? Every man in Brooklyn wants a piece of Harley and more!

The Ups: This Valentine issue is a nice change of pace. There were very few Valentine themed stories out this week but this one takes the cake. Palmiotti and Conner explore the dynamic of a single gal on Valentine with their humorous but still violent tone. Harley takes to the street in order to keep herself from feeling the Valentine blues. Poison Ivy left her a gift last issue and the effects it has on her today was very funny. At some point men become more attracted to Harley and it reminds me of the exaggerated horn dogs from Jessica Rabbit cartoons: Hearts for eyes and tongue rolling on the floor. Seeing Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s romance on Harley’s TV was a nice notch and connection to DC continuity. There is still the craziness and violence that the series is known for but is well placed in this issue. Palmiotti and Conner has definitely found their rhythm with the series. Hardin continues to deliver great art work that defines this series. I enjoy his line work and the exaggerated cartoon facial expressions. Sinclair ‘s colors is something I look forward to every issue. His colors are rich and visually pleasing.

The Downs: Harley’s dialogue at times was filled with a couple of bad puns. It is like they were forcing bad puns into the dialogue. I was not a big fan of that. I also don’t know how I feel about Bernie. May be a few issue without him can give me a little clarity on the need of the character.

Overall: Connor & Palmiotti continues to carve this series into the New 52. It keeps me entertain every month and it is the funny book I look forward to month after month next to Red Lanterns. The hijinks violence and great art work put this issue on the top of my pile. If you need a Valentine release then pick up this issue.

Grade 4 of 5

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