Undertow #1 Review

Undertow #1 - Page 1Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Artyom Trakhanov

Colorist: Artyom Trakhanov


Image Comics debuts their brand new series, Undertow, ushering in a brand new take on the idea of Atlantis and Atlanteans and their struggle to keep on living and the mysteries of the surface.

The Ups: Even though Undertow is a new series and I went into it not knowing what to expect I must say, honestly, the writing style in this book is both entirely new and refreshing to my eyes. Steve Orlando tells the story in a very straight line from beginning to end and uses the dialogue to not only convey backstory and character personalities to the reader but also to make it clear what the plot is and what the ultimate goal is in the story which I believe is rarely done correctly. The colors in the book are somewhat strange to my eyes but they way they are mixed together and brought to life makes it clear that any other type of coloring would not have fit a book of this caliber.

Undertow #1 - Page 6The Downs: Artyom Trakhanov’s art style is slightly confusing and makes the images a little hard to follow thus making it more difficult to see and understand what’s happening in the panels. I find myself squinting or look back at a previous page to make sure I saw what I think I saw. Although Orlando’s writing is unique in its own way, the narrative that he has present throughout most of book is confusing to say the least and has me constantly asking myself, “who is narrating?” and with no answer by the end.

Overall: Undertow definitely ha some clear issues about it that need to be fixed and touched up if this is to be an on-going series, and I’m sure Orlando and Trakhanov won’t let us down, but the idea behind the comic is definitely a new one that I haven’t heard of or even thought about myself and is very intriguing in it’s own special way.

Grade 3 of 5

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