The Punisher #2 Review

The Punisher #2 - Page 1WriterNathan Edmondson

Artist: Mitch Gerads

Colorist: Mitch Gerads


The Punisher continues his hunt of the Dos Soles cartel while staying out of the way of cops and keeping his identity secret in Los Angeles, but things become more and more complicated when the brings a new weapon into the mix,

The Ups: Edmondson’s writing in this issue has a nature and tone to it that is reminiscent of a crime or detective novel. He uses Punisher’s inner monologue narration throughout the book as a method to convey this feeling and whether or not it’s on purpose doesn’t matter because it works. The narration truly brings out Castle’s stoic and apathetic nature towards crime and those who he deems are to weak to fight it or those that choose not to. We all know Punisher’s brand of crime fighting is unique in it’s own way and it needs a unique narrative to drive the story forward and Edmondson showcases a story that is so character driven, the plot lines and twists that occur along the way are unpredictable. Mitch Gerads’ art style has a gritty yet subtle style to it that would make any comic seem dark but with the Punisher it makes us feel right at home with it matching his tough demeanor hiding his heart of dull gold.

The Punisher #2 - Page 5The Downs: Everything in this book was paced perfectly; it wasn’t too long or too short but it was succinct and straight to the point and that along with everything else leaves us to believe there’s nothing bad in this issue.

Overall: As we stated above, this issue was absolutely phenomenal with not bumps or cracks in the road all the way through. The ending of the book forces you to raise one eyebrow, or maybe even two, at the outcome and just leaves you sitting there wishing there was more and wondering what will happen next.

Grade 5 of 5

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