The Walking Dead S4E10 Review

The-Walking-Dead-S4B-Key-ArtWriter: Matthew Negrete/Channing Powell

Director: Tricia Brock

Cast: Andrew Lincoln/Norman Reedus/Steven Yeun/Lauren Cohan/Chandler Riggs/Danai Gurira/Melissa McBride/Emily Kinney/Chad Coleman


Many of the survivors of the prison continue to push on while continuing to search for one another on the outskirts of the prison and do their best to keep from giving up hope.

The Ups: This episodes steers in a different direction from the last and shows the hardships and turmoils the survivors are going through from different perspectives.This tactic of story telling done by the writers and director is paramount in truly conveying the sheer fear and desperation that all the characters feel as they are unaware of the fate of one another. Even though the perspectives of the story differ greatly they all share the same continual theme of hope which is contrasted by realism. I feel this theme is spot-on and really delivers a sense of oneness and connection with the characters because we all, at one time or another, want to be hopeful but have it knocked aside by the realism of the times we are in. Tricia Brock along with the writers, Matthew Negrete and Channing Powell, capture this inner conflict and throw it all over this episode in the perfect places so that the theme is never lost or given too much attention. The most exciting part of the episode what the surprise ending and the introduction of 3 characters fans have been waiting for.

walking-dead-season-4-episode-10-maggie1The Downs: The only downside I have about this episode is that at times it can become hard to follow all the different plot lines and that can lead to slight confusion and cause the plot to become slightly muddled but other than that it was great.

Overall: This episode, although somewhat confusing in plot execution, was a great addition to the already mysterious and suspenseful second half of the season and the pieces of the puzzle are slowly beginning to set and fall into place which leads us to believe this season will be one of the most explosive moments this series has shown us yet.

Grade 5 of 5

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