X-Force #1 Review

X-Force #1 - Page 1Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist/Colorist: Rock-He Kim


Cable, Marrow, Psylocke, and Fantomex together form a brand new X-Force who’s ultimate goal is the well-being of Mutant kind and their first order of business is locating a new weapon to assist in this endeavor.

The Ups: From the start of this issue writer Simon Spurrier makes it perfectly clear that the X-Force is a pseudo-Avengers type, covert team bent solely on the preservation of Mutants in the world. All the characters and the book itself present a tone that is reminiscent of an action or spy movie except all the characters have some degree of extra abilities and a “no holds bar” attitude. This kind of edgy attitude is almost the perfect contrast to the Avengers somewhat “boy scouts” demeanor that is shown all throughout the Marvel Universe but for those looking for something a little more gritty and serious, X-Force is a great place for you to start. Rock-He Kim’s art and colors convey a certain level of texture that presents both realism and depth to the people, events, and environments.

X-Force #1 - Page 5The Downs: The cons of this book I can see is the slightly confusing narration/thoughts of one of the characters throughout the issue and the fact that the team itself and their goal reminds me a little too much of the Thunderbolts.

Overall: The cons of this issue are heavily outweighed by the pros of it and by the end of the book the reader is left with a wanting that is intrigued and starving for more from this, surely to be great series.

Grade 5 of 5

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