Justice League 3000 #3 Review


Justice League 3000 #3 CoverWriters: Keith Giffen/J.M. Dematteis

Artist: Howard Porter

Colorist: Hi-Fi

The Dark Age

The remaining members of the league have been stranded on the hellish prison world of Takron Galtos. The Justice League must now find a way off Takron Galtos and rescue Green Lantern from Locus, which would be a tall order even for a fully functioning Justice League.

The Ups: The writing team on this issue has done a good job of keeping the team dysfunctional and entertaining to watch while still giving each member little moments to shine and evolve. This way we can still enjoy the absurdity of the team and still believe that they might have a chance to succeed, even if it’s slim. This issue also devotes a good amount of time to the “wonder twins” and some other interesting characters outside of the league, which helps to give the setting a bit more context since now we’re learning more about characters that are native to this time period. The art team of Porter and Hi-Fi continue to put out some great artwork that embodies the unique style of the series.

Justice League 3000 #3 Interior

The Downs: This issue lacks the punch that the first two issues had. In the first issue we got the shock value of seeing the new Justice League full of horribly incompetent and flawed heroes, and in the second we were introduced to Locus. While this issue does have its surprises they don’t really match or exceed the first two.

Overall: The series loses a little momentum in this issue but it uses this time effectively to add some valuable context to the story. While the league is still a main focus the issue spends more time explaining different aspects of the futuristic setting and giving more time to other characters. This may not have been as exciting as seeing a new version of the Justice League but it does give the story more substance and will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

Grade: 4 of 5

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