The Walking Dead S4E9 Review

The-Walking-Dead-S4B-Key-ArtWriter: Robert Kirkman

Director: Greg Nicotero

Cast: Andrew Lincoln/Norman Reedus/Steven Yeun/Lauren Cohan/Chandler Riggs/Danai Gurira


After the attack on the prison everyone gets separated from one another and Rick, Carl, and Michonne deal with life alone again with no place to call home and no one to call family.

The Ups: This mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead still retains all the tension and edge-of-your-seat suspense that was present in the first half of the season and all throughout the series itself. The infamous Robert Kirkman and director Greg Nicotero do a spectacular job of emphasizing the desperation, vulnerability and sheer sense of lost that all the characters are faced with after losing their home and each other. One can’t help but feel filled up with worries for the characters and the episode properly reflects the tone and emotions of the episode onto the viewer thus allowing them the pleasure of relating even more to the situation at hand.

walking-deadThe Downs: The episode felt extremely slow paced even for the start of the second half of a season. Sometimes it seems like scenes are dragged out for so long that they become irrelevant and slightly boring and the attempts at making the emotions run high, the often run too high and it almost becomes too hard to look at.

Overall: Even though they episode was slow paced and scenes were dragged out, this was still amazing start to the second half of the season. The desperation and depression shown in the beginning is so overwhelming but when you are finally met with a bit of relief you can, at last, exhale that breath you were holding. This is leading up to be a great season for all of us.

Grade 4 of 5

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