Geoff Johns And John Romita Jr As New Creative Team For Superman [UPDATED]

superman-romita-jr-bleeding-coolAll day yesterday DC has been promoting some really big news to be revealed on their web show ‘DC All Access’ today at 10am PST. Bleeding Cool has reported and confirmed that John Romita Jr. and Geoff Johns will indeed be taking over the series from Scott Lobdell sometime in the near future.

This news also marks the first time Romita Jr. does any work outside of Marvel, aside from one project with Image, as he’s been with the company for 30 years. Even with this information, DC is not confirming Romita Jr’s involved or commenting on Bleeding Cool’s reports. More as it comes.


johnromitasupermanDC has officially confirmed the new creative team of Johns and Romita Jr. and is to be released sometime this summer and Johns said this is “kind of reset Superman and his universe in the New 52.”

Johns had this to say regarding the title.

“I think we’ve got a lot of great ideas that we’ve never seen before in a Superman book. One in particular that John threw out was — I guess it ended up being a very casual thought, but then it turned into such a hinge to our entire storyline, and it developed in a way that I never expected it to. For me, as far as the story goes, my tagline for the story is ‘Putting the Man of Tomorrow back in the Man of Tomorrow.’ It’s really looking at Superman and getting back to the core values and attributes and strengths of Superman. Really, the Man of Tomorrow is the theme, for me, that we’re going to tackle in this first storyline.”

Romita Jr. had this to add,

“To me, it’s a little bit more of the Man of the Unknown, because there are some things about Superman that are unknown officially, now, that we will discover.”

Johns concluded with.

“Yeah, we really are exploring the unknown, If there’s a theme for this entire project, it’s entering the unknown… Working on the project, working in new territory, and then the storyline; it really is discovering the unknown. We’ll learn some things about Superman that you’ve never known before, one in particular that is going to be redefining him in a way that we’ve never seen.”

Credit: IGN, Bleeding Cool, DC Comics,

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