Aquaman #27 Review

Aquaman #27 CoverWriter: Jeff Parker

Artist: Paul Pelletier & Netho Diaz

Colorist: Rod Reis


Aquaman fights a giant sea-monster; also there was something about the sea-monster being from Atlantis and something about a secret team of scientists with an interest in it. Most importantly though: giant sea-monster fight.

The Ups: The action in this issue was visually stimulating and the art team on this issue did a fantastic job. The design of the sea-monster Arthur faces is unique and looks like something that would logically come from the sea. The art team also does a great job of conveying the scale and power of this beast, making it look like a real challenge for Aquaman without undermining his abilities. Jeff Parker set up a couple interesting subplots in the last issue and they progress nicely in this issue, what started as a simple conflict is now escalating into something more complex and I look forward to seeing all of that unfold as the story continues.

The Downs: This issue went by pretty fast and might have glossed over some opportunities for the characters to really react to what was happening. There were definitely some moments that should have shaken Arthur up and would have been great moments for character development. In the moment this feels like a wasted opportunity but over the course of the story-line we might get some more opportunities to slow down and see what Arthur and the other characters are thinking and feeling.

Aquaman #27 InteriorOverall: The issue was a visual feast of action and the plot is moving forward at a good pace. The issue did go by pretty fast and left little room for reflection and character development, but there are little moments here and there that will add up to something more compelling as the story goes on. The issue was largely just one big action scene that will lead into a more complex narrative. This issue on its own was definitely worth reading and I eagerly anticipate what comes next.

Grade 4 of 5

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