THIEF OF THIEVES Gets A New Creative Team Starting On Issue #20

TOT20_cover_webThief of Thieves #20 marks the beginning of a new creative team on the book.

The book will be written by Andy Diggle (best known for Green Arrow: Year One, The Losers, and SNAPSHOT), with help from Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead), and with art by Shawn Martinbrough. The series will focus on Conrad Paulson (A.K.A. Redmond) and the aftermath of his previous theft. Andy Diggle teases the new plot with this: “Master thief Redmond was hoping to retire after the biggest heist of his career, but instead it’s dropped him into the crossfire of an international gang war, he’s been on the back foot for too long; now it’s time for Redmond to go on the offensive. Things are going to get bloody.”

Thief of Thieves #20 comes out on April 23, 2014 and is sure to shake up the series.

Source: Image Comics

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