Creation And Destruction Run Wild In Edmondson And Sampson’s GENESIS

GENESIS_COVER-with-logo_webFrom Nathan Edmondson (Punisher, Black Widow) and debuting artist Alison Sampson comes ‘Genesis’ a one-shot title that brings amazing visuals with top notch writing.

The story of Genesis follows a man who discovers he has the power to create anything he images in his mind and the backlash the comes with having the unlimited power to bring anything to life. Edmondson had this to say regarding the story.

“Genesis was a fun opportunity to let storytelling and art run wild with the idea of creativity itself—of the boundlessness of imagination and the inevitable vertigo that comes from the unlimited ability to manifest anything into being.”

Alison Sampson explains how excited and happy she is to be a part of this comic.

“I’m really grateful for Nathan asking me to do this. The script let me draw on my architectural background (twenty five years of it) to bring something special of my own to the project and I hope that comes across—Nathan is a designer’s writer. I’m relatively new to comics and there was a steep learning curve, but Nathan works with some amazing artists, so there was a standard to meet and this made me work harder.”

Genesis (One-Shot) will be released April 16, 2014

Source: Image Comics

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