Prepare for a new breed of Zombie in “’68: Rule of War”

The Vietnam War meets zombies in ’68: Rule of War. The ’68 series is a Zombie horror series set in 1968 during the Vietnam War that mixes the genres of Zombie thriller and war-time epic. The ’68 series is told with various characters in the same setting with 4-part stories or one-shots.

’68: Rule of War will be created by Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow, and Jay Fotos, the same team behind ‘68: JUNGLE. ’68 Rule of War will focus on Declan Rule, a CIA agent on a mission of revenge in the Cambodian jungle to find the demented neurosurgeon who murdered his son. Declan will face more than just your average shambling Zombies, they’ll be altered through the horrors of war-time experimentation and mad science in a variety of ways.

Creator Mark Kidwell described this horrifying new breed of Zombies in this way: “Think Frankenstein on steroids with the bedside manner of Joseph Stalin and you’re getting warm”. ’68 Rule of War #1 comes out April 2nd and is the first of a 4 part story so be on the lookout for them as they come out.

Source: Image Comics

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